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The POWER PILL PLUS is now launching in South Africa!


Add it to your car, bakkie, boat, motorbike, scooter, quad bike, truck, tractor or any vehicle that runs on petrol or diesel and save between 10 -20% on your fuel costs.


One packet contains 5 pills and works with 375 liters (1 pill = 75 liters), while the motorbike pill also contains 5 pills and works with 75 liters in total (1 pill = 15 liters).


Get an increase in power efficiency of 30% on average.

Eliminates and prevents carbon deposits of 50% on average.

Increase the life of spark plugs by 50% on average.

Increase the time between maintenance by 25% on average.

Decrease pollutant emissions by 80% on average.

100% safe for all engines and fuel systems.


DON'T WAIT, buy your Power Pill Plus saving tablets today and start saving!

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  • February 9, 2024 1:48 pm local time

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